Transforming Construction Projects with Ready-Mix Concrete

As the construction industry evolves, the demand for quality, efficiency, and sustainability drives innovation. In Kenya, the construction sector’s contribution to the economy is significant, adding a colossal 847 billion Kenyan shillings to the country’s GDP a couple of years ago.

This robust growth, part of an upward trend since 2018, underscores the importance of finding the right partner to help you spend less, reduce waste, be efficient and finish your project on time.

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Get Smooth, Even Walls With Rhombus Wall Skimming Filler

If you’re like many homeowners who come to us for help, you don’t like how your wall looks because it has an uneven finish. The good news is that you can fix that using skimming filler, which gives your walls a smooth, even appearance. 

Rhombus Wall Skimming Filler by Rhombus Concrete is a high-quality white cement-based filler formulated to cover imperfections on concrete walls and plastered surfaces. In this post, we look at the advantages of Rhombus Wall Skimming Filler and its easy application process.

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Why Rhombus Concrete is Now Using Manufactured Sand in the Production of Ready-Mix Concrete

Since its establishment, Rhombus Concrete has led the construction industry in innovation, production efficiency, quality control, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

We have also been about moving the sector from traditional to modern methods.

It is along these lines that we have introduced the use of manufactured sand; replacing natural sand and river sand that people have been using since the beginning of time.

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Rhombus Concrete Launches a Concrete Recycling Plant

We are proud to announce that, once again, our company has taken an innovation lead in the new and emerging industry that is Ready-Mix Concrete by launching the first Concrete Recycling Plant in Kenya.

In construction, there is a lot of waste and possibilities of environmental pollution. Cement emits dust and a lot of water gets wasted. Additionally, during concreting, and especially traditional mixing, some water with cement and other aggregates will escape to the ground causing environmental hazards.

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