Quality Assurance of Ready-Mix Concrete at the Construction Site

Hiring the right construction company is a big deal. Not all of them do adequate onsite quality assurance of ready-mix concrete at the construction site, which mitigates any negative consequences after completing your project.

To ensure transparency and credibility of the work, Rhombus Concrete works with our clients and/or their contractors to guarantee the quality status of their order even before delivery. Then we ensure that the conditions at a client’s construction site are conducive for placement.

But that’s not where quality assurance starts. From raw materials to the actual transportation, our staff are careful to bring you only the best.

Clients who ask for pumping in addition to delivery can rest easy knowing that our boom bumps, too, are well-maintained for the same reasons: to ensure quality up to the last minute. Our pumps and staff also help with the accurate placement of the concrete in the correct formwork.

Before Delivery

During a site visit prior to casting, our technical team assesses the condition of the formwork. Formworks are traditionally made of wood but can also be constructed using steel and other materials. A good quality formwork defines the versatility, strength, and accuracy of the construction.

Shuttering is a type of formwork that involves making a mold using plywood. A well-designed shuttering is well trimmed to keep a level with the top surface of the slab. This helps to ensure a neat concrete finishing is attainable. The reason for prior assessment of the formwork is to ensure that when we will be pouring the ready-mix concrete, we can achieve the outcome.

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It is also crucial to consider the type of concrete and the temperature of the mix that will be poured when selecting your construction formwork because these factors usually influence the pressure exerted. The technical team has to ensure the formwork sides can withstand hydrostatic pressure for wet ready-mix concrete. Of course, the pressure tends to reduce to zero a couple of hours after curing but still, formwork must be strong enough to withstand dead and live loads.

During the pre-visit to the site, our technical team ensures that formwork is designed such that it can be removed without damaging the concrete. Additionally, the materials used must be viable for re-use after settling and curing. Removal of formwork for beams varies depending on the curing rate, humidity, and temperature. Usually, the period for removal varies from 9 hours for side beams to 21 days for beam props.

During Casting

Upon delivery, our Quality Assurance team picks a sample from the mixture and carries out a slump test at the site. Basically, the temperature of the concrete is checked and the uniformity of the mix is verified. When the product satisfies the test standards, it can then be approved and placed.

Rhombus Concrete believes in providing reliable and quality assured ready-mix concrete; that is why we invest in the rigorous on-site quality test. This we do together with a client and/or their contractors so that all the required standards are checked.

We are here to ensure nothing goes wrong and that your project is completed the right way.