How To Prepare Your Site For Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Ordering ready-mix concrete is an investment that should be met with a good plan to receive it. Otherwise, its quality might get compromised and some of the concrete could get wasted too. A client might also fail to receive an order if some of the conditions listed in this article are not met.

Here are the protocols we recommend one to have in readiness for their order:

1. Check the weather forecast to avoid adverse weather that could compromise delivery. Should you determine that there will be heavy rains, you can advise your concrete provider to reschedule, or you can put in place protective measures to see to it that your order will still be fine.

2. The other important thing is to make sure that the ground where the concrete will be poured is level and devoid of debris such as stones, old concrete, aggregates and construction material that could impact your ready-mix concrete and quality thereof.

3. Find a suitable location for the concrete mixer truck to be packed. Clear your site entrance of parked cars, bushes and other things that could be eating up space – keeping in mind that the delivery trucks are bulky vehicles that need space and a few meters of clearance on either side. Although our technical team does a site visit before delivery, it is important to keep us updated on barriers and other physical challenges of accessing your site.

4. Confirm – one more time – the amount of concrete you ordered and expect to receive. You can’t be too prepared, especially if your order is massive. By now, you should have already figured out if you need to have a concrete pump or not, and include it in your order.

5. Check your frame/formwork to confirm that it is secure and strong enough to support the amount of concrete you have ordered.

6. Prepare your staff, make sure they know their responsibilities and that they are in protective gear for their safety and efficiency. They should also have the right equipment and wherewithal to dispense their duties.

7. Talk to your neighbours and inform them of the date and time you intend the delivery to happen. Also discuss your preferred route, safety protocols and clean-up plans after delivery.


At Rhombus Concrete, we have a deliberate and internationally certified quality assurance standard that guarantees the preservation of the quality of ready-mix concrete from production to delivery. Our technical team pre-visits every site to make sure it is ready for delivery, but still, our clients are advised to take the measures provided above to ensure everything is OK on the final and most important stage of ready-mix concrete.