Quality Assurance at the Batching Plant

The most crucial place for concrete quality assurance is definitely the batching plant.

We all know how Ready–Mix Concrete is advantageous over site mixing in terms of quality, cost, speed of work, and environmental friendliness. When the concrete quality is compromised, though, these advantages are lost.

As such, our quality assurance department effectively tests the quality of the concrete at the batching plant using suitable and consistent test procedures. In addition, we have vigilant and water-tight monitoring and control processes to curb loopholes.


QA Protocols at the Batching Plant

Quality control here is largely divided into three sections: forward control, immediate control, and retrospective control. The control process at this stage basically deals with instant actions that help to control the quality of concrete during production. The activities include:

• Weighing / Yield – Conducting accurate weighing and ensuring that the correct batch data is read.

• Visual Observation and Testing of concrete when the production is on and during the delivery. Most of the activities involved include assessment of uniformity, workability, cohesion, and regulation of the water content.



• Manually or automatically regulating batched quantities to facilitate changes that have been reported, observed, or measured in the materials and qualities of the concretes.

Both our batching plants off Kiambu Road and in Athi River / Mlolongo are certified by relevant authorities and are regularly inspected. All the machines therein, including truck mixers and concrete pumps, are well maintained and calibrated regularly by an external calibration company to guarantee top performance and eliminate errors. And to sustain the renowned Rhombus Quality, all staff are given adequate technical training.

Besides the quality assurance measures, Rhombus invests in state-of-the-art plant equipment and automated batching controls. So when you place an order for ready-mix concrete, you can be sure your delivery is in conformity with the highest quality standards and will perform perfectly for your construction project.