Ready Mix Concrete and the Environment

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The green revolution has taken a significant part of today’s public discussion, with the world in dire need of environmental conservation and eco-friendly products.

As such, Rhombus has put environmental sustainability at the heart of its operations and production as part of our commitment to secure the planet’s future. And that informs our dealership in ready mixed concrete instead of traditional manual mix materials.

We believe that the reasons outlined below, which we uphold sincerely, vindicate our products and operations.


How Ready-Mix Concrete Is Better for the Environment

1. Low Emission of Dust

Unlike manual mixing, where dust clouds are emitted into the atmosphere, the ready-mix manufacturing process reduces the amount of dust that goes into the air. High emission of dust increases acidification, which pollutes the water and affects crop farming productivity level. But with ready-mix, the aggregate is prepared by the manufacturer and only presented to the site, ready for casting. That helps to reduce the production of dust at the construction site.

Another hazardous effect of dust is that it leads to smog that makes transportation quite a challenge. We all know that smog has led to many road accidents and even affects air transport. So, it is desirable to adopt the ready-mix method to limit the emission of dust so that we eliminate such environmental problems.


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2. Low Wastages

Another major shortcoming with manual mixing is that it leads to a high wastage of water. Water is such a crucial element for supporting life. Therefore, we need to employ construction processes that limit the wastage of water. Ready-mix concrete comes in handy since less water is used during manufacturing and during casting at the construction site.

Besides water, a lot of construction materials and aggregates run to waste during traditional mixing. These wastes are usually drained into the environment, lakes, or rivers, thus endangering the lives underwater. We can mitigate such kinds of wastes when we use ready-mix concrete for construction rather than manual mixing.

3. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission

The emission of greenhouse gases is one of the main challenges facing the industries trying to fit-in the green-revolution. The ready-mix concrete manufacturing process mitigates carbon iv oxide emission, which goes a long way in preserving the environment. Lowering the emission of greenhouse gases helps to reduce the implications on the ozone hence reduces global warming.

Generally, ready-mix concrete is your eco-friendly construction material. If you are concerned about your environment, you should consider it as the solution for all your construction needs.

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