This is concrete that is produced/mixed using a batching plant and delivered to sites for use/casting instead of mixing the specific components (i.e. aggregates, cement and water) traditionally at site. Through this process of production quality control is key.

Depending on various required compressive strengths, concrete is classified from Class 5 to class 100 generally abbreviated as C5, C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50 and C100 accordingly. The strongest being class 100.

Classes C5 and C15 are generally used as blinding concrete especially for sub-structure works while C20 to C100 are mostly used as structural concrete in structural elements that require exemplary strength such as foundation bases, columns, retaining walls and suspended slabs.

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Assured quality – Aggregates are well balanced according to concrete class and evenly mixed for quality.

Reliable service – Casting is done the day and time agreed.

Efficiency – Ready mix concrete is delivered and pumped using modern equipment, saving time.

Reduction on wastage – Concrete is delivered as per the exact site requirements.

Less working space – Building space may be a limitation especially in well developed areas, making traditional mixing challenging.

It’s the future – While traditional concrete mixing may be cheaper in some instances, it is now outdated. Time to move on to better quality!

Environmental friendly– Traditional mixing casts a lot of aggregate dust and water with cement to the air and down the drain, but ready mix concrete is prepared in advance at a controlled batching plant.

Our state of the art batching plants are automatic and produce the right class of concrete as ordered by the customer. We also take samples of each batch of concrete produced and subject them through rigorous tests.

We perform several quality assurance and technical tests through the casting process: Slump test during casting and comprehensive strength tests after casting. All this guarantee quality.

We use perfectly calibrated batching plants that conform to KEBS standards of quantity.

Average time is within 48 hours, depending with the order. Even so, we work with our customers to ensure everything is ready for casting on the day and time agreed.

Currently we deliver within a radius of 150KM from either our Kiambu or Athi River batching plants. This gives us leeway to deliver as far as Embu, Karatina, Naivasha, Machakos and Kajiado. For more locations, please check the map at the Price Calculator.

Payment before delivery or – in specific cases – as per the supply contract agreement.

Pricing is calculated per cubic meter and based on the class of the concrete. We also charge for transportation depending on distance and for pumping on site. Please check the Price Calculator for estimates.

We work 24 hours, 7 days a week – except where there are government restrictions that require special permits.

Yes, especially concrete pumps and mixer trucks depending on availability.

The amount of concrete needed in particular area is measured in cubic metres (m³) which is a product of length (m) by width by depth. For accuracy, we have a technical team that can help ascertain the required amount should a client require it.

We are located around Ridgeways on Tala Road off Kiambu Road and at Athi River opposite Devki Steel Mills Plant.

By making an inquiry through our official lines as provided on the website. We vet all our supplies to ensure quality.

All open vacancies are advertised on our website. We also offer internship and attachments periodically. Equal opportunities to all.