Save on the time and cost of labour that would be taken by manual mixing, yet without the guarantee of an optimal end-product. We also give you superior quality and the best technical support to ensure your projects are completed on time and at cost.

Additionally, our off-site mixing enables compliance with NEMA’s anti-noise protocols, and significantly reduces air pollution that would have otherwise been caused by cement and dust on site.

Real estate is one of the most lucrative investments in Kenya due to its excellent returns. But it is also capital intensive and highly cash flow dependent, making it necessary for players to have a partner who will save them costs and give them great trading terms.

What’s more; we have the quality control systems in place to ensure our products are consistent and meet contractors’ needs. They also improve aesthetics, and guarantee a building’s durability.

Concrete is increasingly being used in construction of modern offices, residential apartments and private residences as most owners prefer the strength and stability guaranteed. Additionally, concrete is inexpensive and can be molded into various shapes, covering your project no matter its size or nature.

Partner with us to get the job done efficiently, incur less labour and supervision costs, and reduce on-site mistakes that could be derail construction.

People build their own houses because they want to guarantee quality. They want to an efficient job done – one with less labour and supervision costs, and zero on-site mistakes that could be derail construction.

You can ask around: Homeowners fear cement wastage and theft. And the project stalling due to human limitations. That is why we have invested in high- tech equipment, and why we test our materials to ensure a quality mix that is also durable, convenient, versatile and most importantly environmental friendly.

Infrastructure projects require a level of complexity and precision that only we understand. Quality, timely-delivery, reliability and durability also set apart civil contractors, and are the deal makers or deal breakers for business development and customer retention.

This is why we subject our products through rigorous research and development processes, and only introduce them to the market after passing the test of durability, and sustainability. Indeed, we can guarantee that our ready mix concrete products are designed for every texture, every climate condition and are compliant with the most stringent government requirements.

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