Ready Mix Concrete vs Traditional Manual Mixing

There are two main types of concrete mixes in the construction industry: ready-mix and traditional manual-mixed concrete.

Although both can be used for various construction projects, one is more beneficial than the other. In this article, we will find out which one that is. But first, let’s define them.

Ready-Mix Concrete is concrete that is manufactured at a plant and transported to the site when it has not fully hardened but is ready for use. Traditional Manual Mixing, on the other sees concrete prepared at the construction site where components are mixed according to specific ratios that would deliver the desired concrete quality.



Ready-Mix Concrete


Traditional Manual Mixing

Consumes less time since it is delivered when it is ready for use


Time is consumed trying to mix on-site, following the steps meticulously for mixing.

No equipment is required at the construction site.


Weigh batch mixer is often required by the workers

You may not need any storage space hence allows for free movement of transit mixer.


You need storage space for cement, sand, and aggregate.

It is easier to deliver at multiple sites within a particular project.


The mixing has to be done at one point at the construction site.

Limited wastage of material at the site


Materials are wasted and lost during storage and mixing.

High consistent quality is often achieved since the mixing is done under factory monitoring.


High quality can only be achieved where there is consistent monitoring.

Large batch sizes of concrete can be delivered.


Concretes are only mixed at the site.

Good for projects that demand a high volume of concretes


Suitable for projects that need small volumes of concretes

The skilled labor needed is to only pour and compact the concrete.


A lot of hours are spent by workers preparing the concretes at the site.

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Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete Over Manual Mixing

You could be asking yourself why you should use ready-mix instead of manual mixing. Well, here are the advantages of ready-mix concrete over manual mixing.

✓ It guarantees you quality- ready-mix ensures the aggregates are evenly mixed and balanced and that will give the best quality for construction.

✓ Efficient- you can use the modern equipment to deliver and apply ready-mix, and that makes it efficient to use.

✓ Less wastage- concrete delivery is done according to the exact requirement hence you incur less wastages.

✓ Reliability- it is reliable as you can do casting on the day and time you agree upon.

✓ Encourages environmental conservation- unlike the manual mixing where aggregate dusts are realized into air, and wastage materials streamed down the drain, ready-mix is environmentally friendly. You experience less dust and water wastage when you use ready-mix.

✓ Needs less space for working- using ready-mix saves you the hassle of getting adequate space when building where space is limited.