Independent Lab Testing for Ready-Mix Concrete

As a matter of policy and a quality control standard, we subject all our raw material, ready mix concrete and other final products to independent lab testing.

This is based on the fact that the quality of construction is determined by the quality of the concrete used by a contractor. The fundamental reason we use independent laboratories is that they give a genuine assurance about our quality standards and keep us abreast of the latest standards in ready-mix concrete production and the construction industry as a whole.

Labs also enjoy autonomy as testing institutions and will give their honest evaluation and advice on several improvements we can make.

Though the results of these independent laboratories can be trusted, clients are welcome to oversee the process themselves and ensure that what they get is up to standard.


What We Look for in Independent Laboratories

The renowned Rhombus Concrete quality is pegged on the quality assurance measures we have in place, including the standards of laboratories we trust with independent testing.

As such, these are the irreducible minimums we demand of the laboratories before deeming them fit for testing our products:

> That their technicians and quality control staff are certified by credible institutions, that they have up-to-date knowledge on quality-assurance measures and that they have the capacity to give adequate solutions in the isolated incidents where products don’t meet the desired standards.

> That there is consistent auditing of the procedures for the identification and procession of specimens and keeping of records.

> That evaluation of the test uniformity is diligently carried out on the same samples to avoid inconsistency.

> That the lab checks processing materials such as cylinder molds, capping compounds, etc. and ensures their features comply with standardized test methods.

> That the lab has a calibration manual with calibration schedules and results of calibrations, improvements, and a record of corrective actions.


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Comprehensive Test for the Ready-Mix Concrete

The tests begin with sump testing while you are pouring the concrete at the construction site through to the hardened samples. This helps to establish their physical characteristics.

Other testing protocols include:

1. Onsite slump testing and sampling of fresh concrete.

2. Curing the test specimens at the laboratory.

3. Compression and flexural testing.

4. Permeability and water absorption testing.

5. Toughness and flexural test for hardened concrete.

6. Compression testing on hardened concrete and mold samples.

7. Mass per unit volume test on the concrete.


We do all this in line with international standards and spare no effort in improving our quality even further.

That is why Rhombus Concrete is the most trusted producer of ready-mix concrete in the region, and why you should consider us for your next project.