Waterproofing protects structures against water infiltration which can cause expensive and irreversible damage. The tricky thing about waterproofing is that its need It is invisible during and just after construction. But every day, the basement of your building, or the outermost layer of a tunnel, is exposed to intense fluctuations in moisture levels and temperatures, all contributing to its deterioration.

Sika Solutions

Sika’s solutions are responsible for keeping water out tunnels, bridges, basements, balconies and drinking water facilities.

These solutions reduce shrinkage, inhibit corrosion, entrain air, accelerate concreate mixture and stabilize hydration – making them important refurbishment, sealing and bonding, flooring, roofing your construction projects.

There are also various solutions for special site conditions, including microbiological and chemical attack resistant products, high mechanical resistance products, free of physically linked plasticizers and ecologically sustainable products.

BASF Solutions

BASF is a chemical additive for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

Our solutions are recommended for underground construction and building systems, and are crucial for specialized flooring solutions for warehouses, sports venues and car parks as well as medical and fast-moving consumer goods environments. 

This solution is customized for various geographical and weather conditions, and as such it boosts structural quality and durability, extending the infrastructure lifecycle and reducing maintenance expenses in the long run.