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Construction Chemicals & Materials

In conjunction with our Partner - CHARAN LAKES (K) Ltd, Distributor and Specialised Applicator, we offer the following construction systems solutions;

Flooring solutions

Whether for warehouses, industries, schools, operating rooms, car parks or stadiums – our diverse range of flooring solutions meets all the requirements – Aesthetics, Abrasion and Impact resistance, chemical, thermal resistance and antibacterial. Product range includes Dry-shake floor hardeners, Epoxy and Polyurethane-based flooring systems for decorative or industrial uses. Polyurethane floors are the right choice when hygienic demands and chemical, thermal or mechanical loads are high.


Our waterproofing systems are designed to stop water ingress for Basements (below ground and under water structures), Swimming Pools, Roofs, Gutters, Terraces, Planters and Water Retaining structures.

Grouting and anchoring systems

We offer a complete line of cementitious and Epoxy based grouting materials for machinery, steel structures anchoring systems for starter bars, bolt etc

Concrete Repair and Crack injection resins.

We offer epoxy and polyurethane repair resins, which can be injected into cracks for crack repairs and control of active water infiltration. There is a wide range of ready to use cementitious, high strength shrinkage compensated mortars and micro concrete for structural repair of concrete.

Joint sealants

Joint sealants are used to seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. Their main purpose is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates. Our silicone, polyurethane, hybrid and polysulfide sealants are suited for a variety of applications.


Our broad portfolio of tiling system products ensures smooth tiling and perfect adhesion for tiles, flagstones and natural stone products.

Termite Control

Our Fipronil based Anti-Termite (Buildor 5 SC) is used in Pre-Construction and Post Construction treatment of foundations to control wood destroying subterranean termites damaging buildings and structures.

Geotextiles & Geogrids

Our range of Geogrids and Geotextiles are used in earthworks (basements, car parks, road works, airports, rail works etc) for purposes of Soil Separation, Reinforcement, Drainage, Protection and Filtration purposes.

Ancillary Products

We also supply concrete bonding agents SBR Co- Polymer Latex and Epoxy based. Our range of Monofilament Synthetic Micro and Macro Fibres are added in concrete and mortars to prevent plastic shrinkage and increases impact and abrasion resistance of concrete. Typical usage is in mortars, floor slabs and Shotcrete.